WorkCover WA – Online conciliation service module: Stage Two amendments come into effect

The Online Conciliation Service module has been operational since 5 August 2019. Amendments were made to the Workers’ Compensation and Injury Management Conciliation Rules 2011 (Conciliation Rules) to support the implementation of the online service and were drafted to commence in two stages.

Stage One amendments were operational from 5 August 2019, and Stage Two amendments will come into effect on 4 November 2019.

Stage One amendments

  • Operational from 5 August 2019;
  • Introduction of the electronic documentation system;
  • Enables applications and documents to be lodged by parties to a dispute;
  • Notices issued are available online; and
  • Parties have access to documents filed online.

Stage Two amendments

  • Operational from 4 November 2019;
  • Makes use of the Online Conciliation Service mandatory (for non-exempt parties);
  • A party to a dispute is exempt from using the online conciliation module if:

    • They are self-represented and are neither an insurer of self-insured; or
    • The Director is satisfied that it would be unreasonable for the person to be required to use the online conciliation module.
  • A worker is self-represented if a representative is not engaged by or on behalf of the worker.
  • An employer is self-represented if they are uninsured.
  • Documents can no longer be lodged by fax.

Guide to lodging documents

  • A document grouping guide has been provided by WorkCover WA to assist with online lodgement.
  • This allows for documents to be bundled into groups and a copy of the guide is attached hereto.
  • Click here to view the document grouping guide for WorkCover WA Online.

Future amendments to arbitration rules

  • WorkCover WA has foreshadowed a shift to an online module for the Arbitration Service to occur in mid-2020.
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