Our team has an extensive understanding of both motor and maritime claims. Our clients are transportation companies and insurers with a transport portfolio, as well as maritime insurers. They turn to us for a variety of claims, including seafarer’s, motor theft and fraud, accidents, collisions at sea, and a wide range of issues associated with these claims.

Our team has a diverse portfolio of motor claims which vary in size and complexity. We manage high-volume recoveries and settlement claims in all jurisdictions and assist clients with drafting policy documents.

In many commercial transport claims, we act for the insured directly.  We will often include in the claim demurrage which may not be covered by the insured’s policy. Our experience allows us to be conscious of running smaller claims commercially, while having the expertise and resources to manage large more complex claims.

We also advise on maritime insurance issues and compliance with maritime law regulations. We handle selected maritime transport claims including maritime collision, accident, product liability and loss/damage to cargo.


Transport Specialists