Tackling client pain-points in litigation with smart tech

Sydney, 11 December 2018: It is no secret that litigation is a costly and time consuming process, commonly known as a ‘distress purchase’ and not often looked upon as an enjoyable experience for clients.


“By the time a client is sitting in front of me, they are often in a difficult situation and I am tasked with telling them it will get a lot worse before it gets better” remarks Chiara Rawlins, Principal in the Litigation and Dispute Resolution Group at McCabe Curwood.

“We want to do what we can to make the litigation process as clear, and accessible as possible,” says Chiara.

Putting customer experience (CX) at the top of the priority list, and using past client experience as a guide to developing a better CX, McCabe Curwood’s Litigation and Dispute Resolution (LDR) Group have developed a logic based application, that maps litigation milestones with a view to reducing costs and improving a client’s understanding of the litigation process.

The concept was the winner of the firms first #MCDisruptsLegal event held in conjunction with technology partner Checkbox.

Going back to the drawing board to workshop how it could best use the Checkbox technology, the LDR Group designed a system to improve efficiencies both externally for clients, and internally at McCabe Curwood.

“The application will be used as a a tool to educate clients about what to expect in litigation in a cost effective way,” says Andrew Lacey, Managing Principal and head of the LDR group.

“As a group, we reflected upon our experiences, concentrating on the key factors in costing for litigation, and how the litigation milestones feed into that analysis.

“That data reflected that the cost of information gathering throughout the litigation process – including through processes such as discovery and affidavit drafting  – can often be the most time and cost intensive litigation milestones.”

The LDR group came up with a pitch which focused on using Checkbox to firstly, inform clients about the discovery and evidence gathering process and to obtain instructions in a streamlined and cost effective way.

“Knowing the extent of your discovery obligations, and what information can be included in an affidavit is vital for a client to understand,” says Fiona Lymant, Senior Associate in the LDR group at McCabe Curwood.

By using logic based software developed by Checkbox, we will cut down on the time spent sitting with lawyers, and in turn the direct costs incurred by clients.

Using this application will be an efficient way to deliver information to us during the discovery and evidence drafting process, and this is stage one,” says Fiona.

The second part of the newly conceived application is a cost estimating tool to assist with the project management of litigation that maps out the litigation milestones and deliverables and makes assumptions to inform the client about the costs of litigation, based on whether the litigation is assumed to be a simple, moderate or complex piece of litigation.

The tool will be used internally to assist with legal project management and externally as a communication tool between the client and the lawyers, designed to improve a client’s understanding of the process, the costs involved and what factors impact on the cost of litigation.


McCabe Curwood is a leading Australian law firm. As a new firm with a long history, we believe in and partner with our clients to ensure our advice is timely, innovative and forward thinking. We want our clients to benefit from opportunities and business challenges that come with being successful.

With a genuine intent of client partnership and delivering outstanding client experience, our depth gives us the strength to deliver quality, legal solutions.

For more information, contact Amanda Lacey on 0418 448 570 or marketing@mccabecurwood.com.au.