Statutory Insurance

Our dedicated compulsory third party (CTP) team works on a range of claims – from general claims (including whiplash and fracture) to major and catastrophic claims across all states and territories of Australia. Our philosophy is simple – a ‘no surprises’ approach in everything we do – communication, accurate reserving, settlement, flexibility and adding value.

Our team of experts are passionate about CTP claims and getting the right commercial result for our clients. The team has extensive knowledge of medical issues and the complexities of CTP cases with team members including a CARS Claims Assessor, and the author of an industry leading handbook. We also have extensive knowledge of plaintiff firms giving us the insight to formulate effective strategies when complex liability and quantum consideration is crucial, and CTP claims management experience giving us a valuable understanding of the drivers behind insurers’ business objectives.

We represent all five licensed CTP insurers in NSW and have over two decades of experience in advising and acting on CTP claims, for both the Insurance Commission of Western Australia (the sole CTP insurer in Western Australia) and for other out-of-state insurers defending WA claims.

Our experience includes:

Our Ready Reckoner is the industry ‘go to’ source for statistical data and other information relevant to the assessment of damages in personal injury claims.
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Statutory Insurance Specialists

Listen to our podcast series The Proper Lookout Podcast

In this series, our CTP experts discuss a range of topics – sharing their thoughts on an industry trend or intriguing legal issue,
explaining the intricacies of an important case, and hopefully imparting some of the knowledge they have gained.
Our 'Mostly at fault' guidelines help to define the circumstances where an injured person's contributory negligence exceeds 61%
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