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Bel Cizeika

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Bel uses a combination of ingenuity, integrity, investigation, and innovation, to exceed each client’s expectations.

She brings a unique legal and commercial outlook to each matter before advising as to alternative case management and strategy, and ensures each matter is given the individual attention it requires (with careful consideration as to costs) to create excellent outcomes for her clients.

Bel practises almost exclusively in workers’ compensation and works with several industry leading insurers and self-insurers to develop a sound understanding of the client’s individual needs with respect to each matter. She will constantly consider all available legal avenues at each step of the case, whilst pursuing all avenues of research to gather evidence, and with a particular resourcefulness regarding digital footprints.

Bel is our resident philanthropist and is extremely passionate and dedicated to several altruistic causes. She has over 5 years’ experience as a pro bono Criminal Prosecutor for the RSPCA (WA), and regularly arranges charitable drives and donations at our Perth office, for Foodbank, RSPCA, Red Cross & the Salvation Army (amongst others.)


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