McCabe Curwood releasing a series of free interactive self-education legal courses

Sydney, 8 May 2020: Australian law firm McCabe Curwood releases a free series of interactive self-education legal courses.


Developed by McCabe Curwood’s Litigation and Dispute Resolution Group, the free series of self-education courses cover critical legal topics, such as directors' duties and obligations arising from COVID-19. Taking less than an hour to complete each course, the ‘bite-sized lunch seminars’ provide a valuable opportunity for clients to learn and upskill.

The interactive courses are divided into a series of chapters, each consisting of a video with compulsory questions that must be answered in order to progress through. A course on the possible legal issues arising from the COVID-19 pandemic is now rolling out via email, and a directors’ duties training course is also set to be released next week.

Principal Chiara Rawlins oversaw the development of the courses.

“Most of our clients are currently working from home and looking to utilise spare time investing in personal and professional development,” Rawlins said.

“The COVID-19 course focuses on some of the key legal issues emerging during the pandemic. We have focused on the areas that our group has received the most queries in relation to including contractual obligations and directors' duties to prevent insolvent trading.”

Stephanie Andrews, a lawyer on the Litigation and Dispute Resolution team, is also part of the team developing the courses. She said the directors' duties course explores the duties themselves, liability and penalties, defences, safe harbour provisions and how these duties are to operate during the pandemic.

She said: “The course has a very practical focus and is aimed at providing the audience with helpful tips that can be easily and immediately implemented. These tips will help directors properly discharge their duties and help directors better protect themselves from liability.”