McCabe Curwood launches Reconciliation Action Plan

Australia, 3 June 2021: McCabe Curwood officially launches its Reconciliation Action Plan, outlining the steps the firm will take in the next 12 months to reinforce its commitment to reconciliation.

National law firm McCabe Curwood has delivered stage one of its Reconciliation Action Plan after Cultural Competency training and seven months of research by the Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) committee.

It follows the firm’s new membership with Supply Nation, which fosters business partnerships with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander suppliers.

“The intent with the McCabe Curwood’s Reconciliation Action Plan is to create clear deliverables for the firm to build relationships, respect one another and create more opportunities within the firm for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders,” said principal Priya Paquet, who leads the D&I committee alongside principal Peter Hunt.

“It is a carefully considered plan in which we engaged with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander staff members to learn from them and identify the steps we can take as a firm.”

Jacob Goodwin, Law Clerk in the Private Wealth group, played an instrumental role in the plan’s development.

“As a proud Wiradjuri man, I was really glad to be involved in the process of developing McCabe Curwood's first Reconciliation Action Plan. In doing so, we have been able to identify key areas in which the firm can continue to improve as it seeks to become a more culturally safe and inclusive organisation,” he said.

“I cannot thank our management enough for their support in this endeavour. However, this is just the first step in our reconciliation journey. We must continue to bring about real, positive change as we work towards a more equitable Australian society.”

McCabe Curwood recognises that a multi-action plan is needed to work towards reconciliation.

This is why the first stage, the Reflect Reconciliation Action Plan, ensures the firm will deliver on its commitment with tangible goals to be achieved in the next 12 months, with three more stages to follow.

“We needed to establish tangible and industry-specific goals against which we can measure the firm's progress and success. This ensures that we are held accountable and have specific timelines and deliverables for implementing our Reconciliation Action Plan,” said Goodwin.

“Cultural Competency training, review of employment policies and partnering with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander owned businesses are but a few ways our Reconciliation Action Plan will hold us accountable to what we intend to achieve: equality and reconciliation,” said Hunt.

“This document is just the first step in our reconciliation journey, and we are committed to building upon its success in the coming years.”