McCabe Curwood announce a Future Workplace

Sydney, 7 August 2018: McCabe Curwood have announced plans to create a Future Workplace, to accommodate for growth and address the obvious need for mobility, flexibility and agility in the professional workplace.


It is expected that the insurance and government practice groups along with members of the management team, will call an A-grade building outside of the CBD home-base for most day to day operations. The two existing floors of the MLC Centre will be equipped with a dedicated area for employees to work seamlessly between Chatswood and the CBD.

Managing Principal Andrew Lacey says that the move reflects both the desire for legal practitioners to enjoy workplace flexibility, and McCabe Curwood’s commitment to clients.

“The business case for moving outside of the CBD is compelling. We will be able to build a larger team, and continue to produce high quality work, and deliver greater value to our clients. This approach to the workplace has been endorsed by our clients, many of whom have been pursuing decentralisation policies for some time.

“The other factor in the move is that for the first time ever, greater than 50% of our firm are Millennials, who tell us that workplace flexibility and mobility is highly desirable” said Andrew Lacey.

McCabe Curwood have also said that they will be encouraging a dress for your day approach to office attire.

“We are creating  a new and vibrant workplace - an enjoyable place to work, with a quality fit-out, that encourages mobility and innovation” said Scott Kennedy, Principal in the Insurance Division at McCabe Curwood.

“We want employees to be able to enjoy the best of both worlds; an enjoyable and light filled workplace that has access to services like excellent child care and transport, as well as access to the CBD as and when they need it.

“By using tech in a smart way, we can deliver faster results for our clients, while giving our employees the mobility and flexibility that they desire.”

The satellite CBD of Chatswood is a short train ride from Wynyard Station and takes around 15 minutes to commute by car. Chatswood is a major transport hub for Sydney with the Sydney Metro Northwest and City set to enhance its transit-oriented amenity. McCabe Curwood’s new hub and spoke model better aligns it with many of the sectors that it is servicing and will broaden its recruitment base to those living on the North Shore and Sydney’s ever expanding North West.

For more information please call Amanda Lacey on 0418 448 570.