Fraud and Investigations

McCabe Curwood has long experience and proven capability in investigating and managing many different types of fraudulent and suspicious claims.

Most types of insurance claims, especially personal injuries and property loss, are vulnerable to exaggeration, inflation or outright fraud and all of our lawyers are trained to always be alert for signs indicative of this type of behaviour by claimants and insureds.

Our lawyers work closely with insurer clients to help them streamline management of suspected fraudulent claims, improve turnaround times and withdrawal rates, keep fraud at bay, and prevent payments that should not be made.

Using the right mix of investigation strategies and tactics to each claim are essential elements to success. We aim to identify any suspicious circumstances as early as possible in a claim, frequently using effective and targeted investigation measures. These include surveillance, forensic accounting, expert scrutiny of medical and other records, engagement with professionals who have produced reports under examination and seeking access to records under subpoena.

Our other early intervention strategies include:

Our lawyers have a solid knowledge of the relevant legislation and codes of practice applying to this area, including the Privacy Act, Surveillance Devices Act, Security and Related Activities (Control) Act and the General Insurance Code of Practice.

We have worked on these types of claims across all areas of the insurance spectrum from motor vehicle and personal injury claims to sophisticated and complex fraudulent schemes involving employees of insureds stealing stock and falsifying cash receipt records.

Fraud and Investigations Specialists